Western Sahara War Archive

The Western Sahara War Archive (WSWA) aims to inform and to organize data about the latest stage of the last colonial war in Africa, which started on 13th November 2020 in Western Sahara. Is this a meaningful task in a society overloaded with news and data, in which some of the most profitable corporations belong to the media branch? More than five decades ago, some regretted that the market demand for facts had set up a fact-producing industry, in which journalists were now replacing scholars. As expected when so much capital is poured into one branch, the unit cost of this particular good, news, tends now to zero. It is consensual, however, that something went wrong along the process. Since the “monstrous event” (which was the monumental label given by erudite historians of the 1960’s for what are now just ordinary fake-news in social networks) this branch of the industry has surely progressed in a peculiar way.

Military updates

This War Map is  based on the official  information about the on-going military operations in Western Sahara. For the moment it exclusively uses data of the SADR War Communiqués. So far the Moroccan government has not issued  military information about the conflict. The Maps will include it as soon as it is publically available.


Weekly Map

                                                                       Week 152

02-10-2023  to 08-10-2023

This is an interactive Map and it will be updated every week. 

Due to the lack of geographical information, the locations of the attacks are an approximate estimate. As soon as the information is available we will update the locations.

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